When I started in the copywriting and marketing business several years ago, Copyblogger was one of the first sites I found. Their articles helped me make sense of the role of writing in online marketing. I quickly grasped (and loved) the importance of great content that meets the reader at various stages of the buying cycle. And developed a love of long(er) form articles that educate and subtly persuade.

Turns out, the role of writing in my new profession wasn’t all that different from it’s role in my old profession as a litigator. Everything great lawyers do has a basis in persuasive writing. The most convincing legal briefs and arguments are clear, succinct, and simple. The advocate figures out what the hook is and builds the case around it, emphasizing important facts and underscoring the arbitrator, judge and jury’s role in the process by engaging them in story.

What a boon (and a bit of a relief) to find that marketing (well, marketing the way I wanted to do it anyway) had so many similarities, the core of which is writing.

So it cracked me up, a few years back, to click on a post from Copyblogger called 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer, and find nothing more than a simple list. 10 numbers. 10 lines. I laughed so hard because it was so right on. 

Copyblogger later created a poster from that original post.


10 Steps Writer


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