Another quote


Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

Napoleon Bonaparte

I don’t want to be obscure.


Monday Gratitude


Today I am grateful for:

  • My writing habit! I’m so proud of myself for taking on this 100 day writing challenge! 🙂
  • The compassion I show myself (couldn’t always do this – now I can).
  • Ideal clients who are up to amazing things in the world!
  • My ever patient, sweet sheepdog. She loves me.
  • Best friends.
  • My husband.
  • Friends who say genuinely funny things on Facebook.
  • Homemade (by me) lasagna.
  • Our new (to us) Buick Enclave.
  • The end (please go already) of summer (get the hell out)!

What are YOU grateful for?


Sunday Gratitude


Today I am grateful for:

  • My husband
  • Awesome customers and clients
  • GREAT weather
  • Camaraderie with people in our community
  • Reliable vehicles

What are you grateful for today?


How to Focus When You’re Not Sure What to Write About


FocusEver get stuck on what to write about?

This process can support you to manage through those stuck times and get your creativity (and words) flowing.

Meet Yourself Where You Are Without Judgment

Self-compassion is the most important skill to practice as a writer by default. When you’re sitting there, blanking out on what to write, do this:

  • Take three slow deep breaths (closing your eyes is optimal) to bring yourself into the moment
  • Ask yourself if you’re making this harder than it needs to be – listen for the answer
  • If the answer is “yes” smile to yourself, take three more slow deep breaths
  • Tell yourself you understand – and that now is as good a time as any to stop making it hard
  • If the answer is “no” ask yourself what else it could be – listen for what’s holding you back
  • Tell yourself you understand – and that now is as good a time as any to move forward

Treat yourself like you would a good friend. Someone you want to support, but don’t want to let off the hook. Someone you want to hold accountable for her goals and dreams.

Write For Five Minutes, Uncensored

Set a timer. Tap away on those keys, or put pen to paper, for five minutes.  The most important part about this is to not censor yourself and resist any urge to edit this writing. Whether it eventually develops into an article you publish, doesn’t matter in these five minutes. You’re writing for you. To get things flowing. Let your ideas come out, even if you think they’re non-ideas or not very good.

Take Stock of Where You Are

Stop writing after your timer goes off. Take three deep breaths to keep yourself in the moment. Listen to your intuition. What’s it saying? Is your creativity open enough for you to continue? If not, set the timer again and spend five more minutes writing. Write non stop! Keep doing this until you feel unblocked — or until your planned writing time expires.

If five minutes puts you into a good writing space, consult your editorial calendar and listen to your intuition. Pick an idea and begin to develop it. Even if the five minutes put you into an “okay” or “barely adequate” writing space, forge ahead! After all the best way to make the process easier and become a better writer, is to WRITE.

This process works whether you’re starting something from scratch or working on a draft in progress. 

What do you do when you get stuck on a writing project? Tell us in the comments!