I came across “60 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think”  in my Twitter stream (a great place to curate content by the way). My first thought was: “Seriously?”

I used to be INTO  quotes. They felt good to read. Felt good to post. Simple to share. They get “action” on social media. A lot of my friends were posting them. Business coaches I admired were posting them. Look back in my Facebook feed a couple of years and you’d see a lot of them.

Until . . . resentment crept in. Things weren’t going well in my business. For awhile things sucked, in fact. I became afraid to write and felt sure I on my way to epic failure. I resented seeing quotes everywhere. Stopped posting them. Became irrationally annoyed at those to did post them.



Wait a minute, what did I have to do with it?

Yeah right. Only everything.

Over the next couple of years, I made changes in my life and business. Got new support. Hung out with new people. Things got better. I started liking quotes again. I mean, hell, there’s a topic on this site called quotes!

Can a Quote Really Change the Way You Think?

A quote by itself, ABSOLUTELY NOT. That notion is silly. Simple-minded.

Context makes quotes matter — and when something matters to you, THAT has the potential to change the way you think.

I was originally into quotes because they showed me what was possible. Quotes from famous people (especially famous writers) validated some of my own views. Made me feel smarter. Or, in some cases, less like a weirdo.

That all went awry when, in the context of “growing my business” I spent too much time thinking. Idealizing. Telling stories without taking action.

A quote by itself is just a quote.

A quote in context has deep meaning and incites change WHEN you act on whatever it is about the quote that inspires you. Changing the way you think isn’t enough — if all you do about it is think.

I happily and sparingly use quotes in my work

The quotes I share publicly have deep meaning for me, within the context of my work, life and story. Because I’m acting on my dreams more now than ever before.

Quote Steinbeck

This quote  has deep meaning for me now that I’ve found my speaking voice and crafted a TED-style talk about story. 

Quote the alchemist

This one means a lot to me because it encapsulates the feeling I get when I think about my triathlon story, and now my business story. It’s so simple. So basic. So true. Because I’ve lived it.

What’s Your Take?

I don’t believe for one second the general, blanket statement that a quote can change how you think. It takes a lot more than reading a quote and getting inspired to truly change how you think.

AND I sense my views on this subject are narrow. There’s more to this than I’m willing or able to see right now. What am I missing? Has a quote alone changed the way you think? I’d LOVE your take on this. Please comment.*

*I moderate comments to avoid spam — once I approve you, you should be able to comment freely as long as you use the same email address.


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