coming soonIf there were a time in this 100 Day Writing Challenge that I’d start to be hard on myself this would be it.

Three of the past five days of posts have been quotes, and one has been a post entitled Under the Weather. And YES I did just link to it. ROFL. LMAO.




The former me would be so underwhelmed by what she’d call LAME attempts to pass this “non-writing” off as writing that she’d start saying mean things like – “you can’t do this, might as well pack it in now.” “You suck.” “Just stop this already.” “No one is reading anyway – so no one will notice. Quit now before you make a total fool of yourself.” Then she’d get meaner and would start beating up on me for failing – because really, what HAVE I written in the last five days anyway?

Thank GOD I’m not that person anymore. Shades of her are still there but I’ve gotten so good at managing her that she’s become 95% nontoxic. And I have a former coach to thank for that. Someone so skilled and empathic, so willing to meet me where I was without judgment, and so strong and centered herself, that even though I’ve not worked with her in two years I still feel her influence. Today especially. So I wrote her a thank you card and stuck it in the mail. 🙂

My point with this is that, for the first time since I started my writing business, I’m coming through for myself with my own writing. Publishing for 100 days in a row is a bit of an undertaking. It’s not for everyone – and by that I mean: everyone doesn’t NEED to do it. The women in my 100 Day Writing Challenge don’t. They are getting clear on WHY they need to write and are setting writing goals that fit their businesses, schedules and livelihoods, creating editorial calendars, and they are writing.

My WHY is that I NEED TO WRITE. And I NEED TO PUBLISH. I need to craft my way in the digital world under my own name (as opposed to ghost writing for clients, which I do love – but it’s not the same – ghostwriting without doing my own writing has made me a well kept secret and I’m OVER being a well kept secret).

So yes, I do love long(er) well researched, well thought out articles. I have a lot of those in me. AND there’s no way I will crank one of those out every day, or even once a week. When I come out the other side of this 100 day challenge I will have a writing rhythm to call my own. Not sure what it will be yet but it will be something consistent – something that inspires me – AND, dare I say – something that inspires YOU.

Writing about stuff that matters to me (even if some of it is simply sharing quotes) and publishing it is my WHY of this challenge. And I’m living up to it. I’m winning. I’m keeping the mean girl in the corner, where she belongs. Silent and nontoxic.

I do have some awesome posts in draft. On subjects like:

  • How to Edit Your Own Writing
  • How You Can Move People With Your Writing
  • The Story of My Truck (trust me it will be relevant)
  • Book Review of Everybody Writes (fabulous and I’m only 50 pages in)

26 days into my own 100 Day Challenge I feel some bigger ideas percolating – which means some bigger posts are on the horizon. 

I’m just getting started . . . .

This is post 26 of 100

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  1. Debra
    September 23, 2014 at 4:07 AM (3 years ago)

    Thanks for modeling consistency under all circumstances. You are an inspiration!

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