There's Always More to the StoryIt feels like everyone’s writing but me.

There are several things wrong with this statement.

The main one being:

While YES I haven’t been writing a ton lately for me or my business, the statement fails to take into account the things I HAVE been doing.

There’s always more to the story than meets the eye. Always.

In the six months since I’ve updated this blog I’ve catapulted forward!

By speaking:



Spending Time With Smart, Supportive, Strong Women:

 Moxie Women

The thread that links these three things is they are essential to who I am. To my well being. To my creativity. To my profitability. And yet, I didn’t speak, collaborate, or spend time with strong smart supportive women for years. At least not consistently.

At the risk of making a sweeping generalization that I won’t live up to: it ends now. NOW. Today. The writing dearth ends today too.

I’m not writing the way I desire to. I feel the need to prove that I can. I want to put my writing on display. While writing does come naturally to me, putting it on display scares the hell out of me. AND writing is necessary for my business. As a business owner I am a writer by default (in addition to being a professional writer). And there, my friends, is the stake. Bolstered by a healthy dose of fear.


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