Master Persuasive Writing For Your Business, Practice, or Work

A Live, Hands On, Virtual Writing Workshop

(attend from your home, office or other quiet space)

Business owners, entrepreneurs, employees,  consultants, advocates, coaches, speakers!

  • ​Do you write to market and grow your business or practice?
  • Do you regularly write pitches and proposals for speaking​ and consulting gigs?
  • Do you write emails, reports, or agendas for work that require recipients to respond? ​

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you're what I call a "writer by default." You aren't a writer by profession (or even always by choice). But you do write. A lot. Because your work requires it.

Writing is an intricate part of your livelihood. Whether you own your own business or practice or whether you're an employee of whatever company is fortunate enough to have you, you love and excel at what you've chosen as your livelihood.

The writing part though . . . sometimes leads to more frustration than you'd like.

You're Probably on This Page Because You:

  • Have a love/hate (sometimes more hate than love) relationship with writing. Not only is it time consuming, you never quite feel confident that what you write will actually be read, taken seriously, or acted upon. And when you don’t get the results you want, the head games begin in earnest - part of you secretly believes there’s an “ingredient” to writing well that you're missing.
  • Put off writing projects for as long as you can and then profoundly regret it when you either stay up all night to get it done or need to extend your deadline - and yet, when it does get done, it’s not half bad (better than that even), because, as a subject matter expert, you know your stuff! - You simply need the right mix of discipline, tools, point of view, and WHY infused into your writing so it’s easier to over deliver on time.
  • Want to connect more with your readers and see concrete results but writing is not your favorite communication medium - and yet you are a Writer By Default - the need for you to write is not going to subside anytime soon. You do see the utility of it you just wish you enjoyed it more and felt more effective with it.
  • Wonder if there’s a more productive way to approach your writing projects that will enhance and deepen your writing voice, shape your point of view as you evolve professionally and personally - yet won’t drain the life and creativity out of you.
  • Are a proficient writer but would like to take it to the next level in terms of voice, connecting with readers, and leadership - in an environment where you will get to explore your ideas and see things from a new perspective - you like to learn and deepening your skill at the craft of writing is important to you.

It's possible to write in a way that is not only true to your values, voice and point of view, but also riveting for your readers

I'm Stefanie Frank

I’ve been a copywriter in the online space since 2009 and have facilitated persuasive writing (mindset and skillet) for many high level masterminds, workshops and associations that serve speakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, marketers, and lawyers.


Speaking of lawyers, I am one! I honed my original written advocacy chops during a nearly 12 year litigation career in the construction industry in Las Vegas. Which means I have been writing (persausively) professionally for over 20 years. 

Copywriting was a natural next step from litigation because the writing piece is essentially the same: Create clear, compelling, creative, trust inducing writing designed to get the reader to act. 

Persuasive Writing is Much More Than a Skillset - It is a Mindset

A judge once told me that the lawyers in front of him had to be good at sales - because that's basically what lawyers do - they advocate vigorously for the judge (or jury or panel of arbitrators) to "buy into" their arguments, stories, facts, narrative. - and decide in their favor.

"​Copywriting" is marketing, advertising and sales. It's one "genre" (if you will) of persuasive writing. Other forms of persuasive writing include emails, reports, even meeting agendas, and any other piece you are writing for work or business that requires a response or action from someone. 

I’ve given a TEDx talk on relevant storytelling, a keynote on curating, assembling, and sharing ideas and several other talks and workshops on writing mindset and skillset.

My own career choices and body of work stem from my core belief that writing persuasively is one of the most fundamental skills essential to success - and nothing will ever diminish it's importance as a communication and leadership skill.

I’m not the only one who believes this. In a 2014 article entitled Bad Managers Talk, Good Managers Write, Jeff Bezos of Amazon is quoted as saying: “there is no way to write a six-page, narratively structured memo and not have clear thinking . . . By forcing his team to use the medium of the written word, the author of the memo has to really think through what he or she wants to present.”

​Which means . . .

If you approach writing as a vibrant, evolving practice that fits within work you’re already doing and actively use it to hone your own voice, point of view, connection with your readers and clear thinking ability, you are empowered to:

  • Move your pressing projects forward with professionalism and elegance.
  • Experience consistent results (some better than you expect).
  • Harness writing as an irreplaceable tool of leadership.

During my 20+ years of professional writing experience I have written, co-written, edited and strategized:

  • Website pages (home, services, about, FAQ etc)
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Book proposals
  • Landing pages
  • Email nurture sequences
  • Bios
  • Reports
  • Deposition summaries (legal)
  • Ebooks
  • Pitches
  • Proposals
  • Legal briefs (state and federal)
  • Sales pages
  • Email sales sequences
  • Social media sequences
  • Video scripts
  • Online course descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Traditional Brochure copy

Taiya Thompson NAWBO Create Copy that Engages and Persuades Participant

Most business presentations are data dumps. Stef was interactive and kept everyone engaged. She made it about us. She got me thinking about where and how I can be more persuasive in my writing.

In The Master Persuasive Writing Workshop You Will Learn:

  • Deeper ways to connect with your audience or reader - through word choice, structure, narrative, stories and context - than you’re probably practicing now - we will explore how, without context and cohesiveness, making connections (and seeing results) through your writing in today’s short-attention span climate is more of a crap shoot than a solid repeatable strategy.
  • How and when to limit exposition without sacrificing important, necessary information - this is a continuing practice that your readers will absolutely love and appreciate - across pretty much any medium or platform.
  • When to use and incorporate interviews into your writing for necessary perspective that you as the writer don’t have (but the interviewee does) - and how to get someone to gladly agree to be interviewed!
  • Practices to use writing to move important initiatives forward - so you don’t get stuck in a creative rut that’s hard to get out of, make the most of your precious time and energy, and keep procrastination at bay.
  • Tips, tools, templates and strategies to write individual pieces and exploration of how each piece fits together inside whatever bigger picture is going on for you in your work.

Tim Putnam Marketing Manager

As a former copywriter, I enjoyed your presentation and took away a few points that served as good reminders to share with my team.

It's completely possible for you to:

  • Look forward to writing as a creative process through which you receive and achieve consistent, measurable results.
  • Create and follow a writing practice that combines the ideal proportion of discipline and creativity to support your temperament and schedule.
  • Stop procrastinating on writing projects (at least most of the time - because noone is perfect with this).
  • Curate, create and assemble powerful relevant stories, research and facts driven by narrative that connects with readers - no matter whether you’re writing something long or short.
  • Take your writing mindset and skillset to the next level and enjoy writing most of the time (because, again, noone is perfect with this and writing well and with commitment and conviction is not always easy - it is, however, always worth it)

Jennie Bowman Sr. Director of Marketing & Business Development

As President of the Society of Marketing Professional Services, I seek out speakers who will deliver actionable, relevant content to our members.

I asked Stef to speak to our members based on her prior experience as an attorney in our industry and because I saw her give a TEDx talk live as an audience member.

Stef's presentation helped me see the value of perspective taking and active voice in persuasive writing. The information she gave and the stories she shared are applicable to many different forms of communication in my work life.

Stef is passionate and knowledgeable about the material she presents, her style is authentic and honest, and she gives tons of personal examples to demonstrate her points. I would recommend her for other professional events and simply say that  you can expect an honest, genuine speaker who relates very well with the audience.

This Workshop is not for You if You:

  • Want to sit and be lectured to for 5 hours. As one of only 10 participants, you will be expected to complete some non-arduous pre-work (so I can see where you are and what specifically you seek support with in your writing) and come to the workshop ready to actively participate in all of the exercises - some of which will involve getting up out of your chair and into the room (no worries though no heavy physical exertion is required).
  • Expect me to have all the answers for you.  I simply do not have all the answers as to what and how you should be writing. What makes me a brilliant copywriter is that I know how to pull those answers out of someone. Part of the workshop will be me pulling some of those answers out of you - so the more open you are when you show up the more excellent useful material you will get.
  • Criticise and complain (at yourself and others) by default.  Hey I get it - I used to default to this place too. What I found after years of doing it is: it's not useful, it's not helpful, it ultimately does not move important initiatives forward in a sustainable way, and it's not welcome in this workshop.
  • Want to blame someone else for your writing not getting the results you want.  Yup, this is a tough one - and I'm sure we've all done it. I certainly have. BUT see answer above. Not welcome in this workshop.
  • You can't detach from your phone for any length of time. It is a hard and fast rule with me that no phones will be in use during our workshop time. There will be short breaks and there will be lunch for you to check in - otherwise, no. Just. No.

This Workshop IS for You if You:

  • Feel excited to deepen your persuasive writing skillset and mindset.  Even if you don't always enjoy writing and even if you feel a bit nervous to come to a writing workshop, you can't deny that you're eager to learn and deepen your skills in an intimate, judgment free environment under the watchful eye and warm heart of an expert. In fact, if you think about it enough, you could even be a tiny bit thrilled at the prospect!
  • You're a go getter and you can't wait to put your writing to work for you.  You love to implement what you learn and you are willing to make some changes as necessary even when they feel uncomfortable.
  • You want to be more disciplined with your writing without feeling shackled by someone else's formula.  YES! Writing for business or work can (and, at times, should) be deeply personal - your personality and temperment play a big role in what is going to work for you as far as having the discipline and productivity you need, while still connecting with readers via your voice, point of view and strategy. You will definitely receive advice and written materials on persuasive writing structures (no need to re-invent the wheel when there are structures out there that are proven to work). AND you will also tap into what makes YOU productive, what makes YOU persuasive, WHY your point of view is essential, and HOW to express yourself vibrantly and professionaly. 

Where, When and What You Get:


Your office or other quiet space! This workshop is virtual, which means we will meet via Zoom! The only "stipulation" I have is that you make sure you log in from a quiet place so you can be fully present with us.


Saturday, January 27

9am - 2pm pacific time

Noon - 5pm eastern time


Dynamic facilitation exercises designed to bring out your best writing abilities

A cohort of 9 other writers by default (attendance limited to 10)

A workbook containing my best tips and most effective templates

Other surprise goodies!

Edita Atteck Coach, Art of Being Mentor, Speaker

Stef beautifully illustrates that, as humans, we are wired to connect - our relevant stories are like “human wifi” that bring us together, connect our neuro-circuitry, and help us draw valuable parallels for our own lives. I plan to bring more stories into my work to help my clients build their empathic skills and support their transformations. Stef is a genuine, empathic, thought-provoking presenter who is willing to be seen for who she is beneath the knowledge, titles and diplomas she has earned.

Alexia Vernon Founder and Director | Influencer Academy

Stefanie's facilitation style is both strategic and heart centered. I have brought her into my high level speakers mastermind to help my members write the best pitches and sales materials they possibly can. If you or your people want to go deep and delicious into how to use stories and well-crafted copy for more effective brand positioning, audience engagement, or employee development, Stef is your go-to gal!

Chris Darling SEO Specialist | Darling SEO | TEDx Speaker

Stef’s style is captivating. She proves that you get the most engagement during communication when you’re in the moment, telling relevant stories. I can apply this directly to my work as I guide prospective clients to see themselves and the success of their business inside of the services I provide. When you listen to Stef present, prepare to be captured and taken on an intellectual journey with subtle entertainment along the way.


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