In my TED-style talk, How Great Stories Inspire Action, I define your story as a Body of Evidence you’ve been building your whole life. How when you are inside of an inciting moment, where you realize you need to change, you can get inspiration from places other than your own story (since you may not have yet built a body of evidence to show you can do whatever it is the change you’re making requires you to do). You can get evidence from stories of other people’s lives, from inspirational talks, and from fiction.

Fiction has played a role in my life that is so huge it’s hard to describe in words. As recently as today, I’ve been as moved by a well written piece of fiction as I have by the people in my life. That is saying A LOT.

Part of what I intend to do on this blogĀ is explore more of what I mean by the power of fiction. It’s something I need to take my time with, so the posts are relevant for you. It’s also something I believe needs to be out there, with my view point stamped on it — since I believe what we write in business is derived from and influenced by what we’re drawn to.

I’m fanatically drawn to well written fiction. So much of how I express myself is influenced by it. That point was driven home for me again just today, when my favorite movie in the world was on TV. Just a few frames of it and I was in a totally different (better) space.


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